Last Stand of the 5th Crusade

Death Becomes Hepzamera

Did I just die again?
That feels like the rejuvenating power a a heal spell, OH Damn! That is a great pick still stuck in my chest!

Tryna explains what happened as she tends to Locke and I. I owe her so much these past few days, this is the second time I’ve needed to be revived in that time.

The next 16 hours are a blur, with time stopped we fully explore the area and gather anything of use or value to further our cause and prepare for a second attempt at killing Hepzamera.

The world speeds back up, or we slow down, and my club feeds. It hums in my hands as the blood of the daughter of Baphamet dies. Our victory is short lived though, as Baphamet himself emerges from her corpse, we are going to die; but no, Nocticula has used us as a trap; as Tryna explains, it must be part of why she was willing to assist us. She absolutely evicerates Baphamet in possibly the most satisfying display of horrifying gore I have ever seen. Mama tastes the blood of a Demon Lord tonight.

We eventually make it back to the Queen and our friends, saving a number of imprisioned crusaders along the way, but an event more life changing and shocking and beutiful and clarifying wisks the 3 of us away. We have been summoned to the realm of the Goddess Iomede.

Being in the presence of Nocticula’s incredibly powerful aura of beauty and lust was terrifying and quivering, but this makes that experience seem like childish fumbling.

I have been changed, we all have been changed. Traditionally I have mostly prayed to the Goddess of my ancestors, and I still do, but I have been in the presence of Iomede, felt her grace, and accepted her charge. Shime-magalla is still with me, always, but I can feel a divine power directly from her grace, Iomede, that is giving me powers I have never touched before, and I will not squander it.



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