Trynna Talbot (Unch Rogue)

Halfling Unchained Rogue


4691: Trynna Talbot, a Halfling female born to Sarah and Nathan Talbot of Almas, the capital city of Andoran. Her parents, successful merchants with a long lineage in Almas, are also key members of the organizing committee for the Great Andoran Fair. An annual gathering of merchants from all across Golarion, the Great Andoran Fair held on the Field of Concord during the 27 days of the month of Sarenith, generates much in taxes for Almas. Trynna’s birth is so physically demanding of Sarah, that she is rendered unable to have more children afterwards. Having always wanted a large family, Sarah and Nathan pour everything they have emotionally into the love and care of their daughter. And being upper middle class, they lack for nothing important in what’s needed to rear Trynna. As such, they provide her with an education, health care, varied physical and social activities, and entrance to all levels of respected city life that is truly special. The three are emotionally close and communicate well with each other.

And yet, there is something different about the young Talbot. Unlike her mercantile parents, Trynna has an innate lust for adventure and conflict that does not find its fulfillment in the back and forth of commerce and trade. The girl continually gets into physical scrapes, somewhat risky situations, and pushes away as many would-be friends with her bravado and boundary-pushing experimentation as she attracts with her natural charisma and fierce loyalty. Mr. and Mrs. Talbot try their best to steer her towards taking over their business someday (a particular point of pride because it’s been in the family for nearly 200 years). Yet, the more they try to mold Trynna in their image, the more the firebrand Halfling tries to forger her own path. She truly is a free spirit embodying the liberated ethos of the Andoran country.

Trynna’s teenage years are a running battle with her parents, and their formerly close-knit relationship is pushed and pulled through a series of escalating events Trynna’s rebellious nature urges her to try. The beautiful but incautious girl gets in constant fights at school and partakes in liquor, drugs, and sexual experimentation.

She even does some breaking-and-entering of some of the city’s more fortified households — more as a self-test of her own abilities and guts than a desire to steal — for she doesn’t take a thing, just gets in and gets out. The adrenaline-fueld physical challenges that the Halfling sets for herself (running across rooftops, climbing trees and buildings, risky dares she engages in with other kids) are essentially a self created boot-camp in agility, endurance, and fear taming.

4709: Driven by desperation, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot threaten to disinherit Trynna if she does not settle down and commit to the straight and narrow path of the family business. Money is their last leverage, so they think. Trynna, feeling oppressed and betrayed, runs away from home that night.

4709-4911: For the next two years, Trynna makes her way steadily north, not by design, but as adventures and scrapes, opportunities taken and those missed, drive her randomly but inexorably deeper into a life of physical combat, self-reliance, wariness of other people, and relentless acceptance of reality that is worlds apart from her earlier sheltered life. Her small stature and her gender make her a target for all manner of unsavory characters, and she experiences trauma, disappointment, and physical/mental/sexual assault that forces her to become ever tougher and wilier. She eventually finds membership in a band of mercenaries that feel they can benefit from her abilities in stealth, sleight-of-hand, and even in a fight (by this point, she is extremely proficient with a rapier). The group makes their way to Kenebres, drawn by the promise of steady work or, at least, the opportunity to make a buck in less savory ways in a city on the edge of chaos. She is at her best on the battlefield when paired with a comrade, striking precisely and lethally with her rapier when this tactic distracts her opponent.

4712: Trynna comes to the aid of Aron Kir in a bar fight when he is sucker-punched by someone from a gang of loudmouthed drunks. The Wolf commander is rightly impressed by her ability to handle herself in a fight using a combination of acrobatics and surgically placed but superficial-by-intent cuts and slashes from her well-made cold iron rapier. After the scrape has been resolved in their favor (and after they’ve successfully avoided the town guard and any questions), Aron asks her if she’d like to join a real military unit with an actual, noble purpose: the Wolves of Kenebres. Trynna, fortunately, has the good sense to follow her intuition which senses this could be a life-changing opportunity for her. She eagerly accepts and begins somewhat of a squire-ship within the wolves, learning true military discipline, combat tactics, and begins to experience the formation of a spiritual/personal core based on a higher calling then her own selfish or mercurial desires. Trynna begins to realize that she could make more of her life than just bouncing around Golarion engaging in (or being subjected to) violence without a higher cause or path based on personal integrity.

4713: Having been with the Wolves for nearly a year, and after forging a strong friendship with Aron, Trynna breaks from the majority of her friends in the unit when they turn on Aron. Granted, she has been long troubled by Aron’s reliance on alcohol and drugs, but she has not passed judgment on him and has tried to get him to get clean. The other Wolves are not as forgiving, and they use the bridges Aron has burned by his behavior as a excuse to push him out. Trynna is loyal to the man who gave her an opportunity, though, and when she witnesses Aron’s interaction with the group from Hermea, she decides to tail them in order to find out if they might become allies in helping her friend. She sees the fight that goes down, but knows she is greatly outnumbered and does not intervene. She also sees that the group does not try to hurt Aron, but is trying to detain him and gather more information on his claims regarding Horgus Gwerm. Trynna plans to find a way to approach the party to see if she can broker a more rational meeting between them and Aron, about whom she is greatly concerned.

But Trynna’s plan is complicated when some of the members of the Hermean company are arrested and killed. She bides her time, trying to determine if they are still people who she should approach, and wracking her brain for an opportunity to reach out to them.

When her friend Locke Truestrike joins with the Hermeans after the death of one of their members, Trynna increasingly finds herself crossing paths with them. And after the demonic invasion of Kenebres, she finds purpose in joining the resistance as a de-facto crusader.

But when Drezen falls, Trynna is captured along with members of the city’s leadership. They are brought to the Ivory Sanctum. Terrified by the sounds of torture happening to the other prisoners, Trynna summons all her mental reserves and physical skills and manages to escape her cell and the Sanctum itself (narrowly making it past a fearsome spider-like construct in the dark).

After resting nearby using her Iron Spike of Safe Passage, Trynna sees the Hermeans (and Locke) approaching and makes herself visible to them. They welcome her as part of their group and ask her to lead them back into the Ivory Sanctum to free the rest of the prisoners.



Trynna Talbot (Unch Rogue)

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