Locke Truestrike

Kellid Paladin of Iomedae


Locke Truestrike is of Kellid descent. For his entire life, the Worldwound has always been a threat to his home, family, and friends. Through the grace and blessings of Iomdae, he joined the crusades in hopes of being able to protect his homelands and to make a difference in ridding Golarion of the Abyssal threat.

However, while serving in the Crusades , he has started to see the seeds of corruption being sown by the hands of fear. While it is in the interest of protecting the city,how many innocents have suffered at the hands of those trying to purge the city of demons?

As of late, Locke hopes to join the Wolves of Kenabres at the recommendation of his friend Trynna.

Locke Truestrike

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