Last Stand of the 5th Crusade

The One That Got Away!

Kyrk's Journal 8

First of all, I can’t believe I fell off a wall…

I guess it’s a reminder to stay humble no matter how many laws of nature I can bend or defy with my magic. Still, I felt humiliated after having such a bright idea to evade the magic dispelling field, only to find out that it was related to the entire room having been desecrated. Looks like Spider Climb will have to be used another day to better effect, much like my Aqueous Orb whose first use proved to be so useless (but today was a triumph of spell casting selection!).

I have to admit that when we first entered Minagho’s chamber, I was scared. There were SO many foes arrayed against us, with reached weapons, ranged weapons, and four or five spell casters (what is with these Blackfire Adepts and their interaction with followers of Baphomet? I had thought the two groups to be somewhat separate. We have much to learn). And once my Haste spell was nullified, I REALLY became scared. Without Barca’s melee prowess, each one of us had to be more effective than usual, and what if ALL my spells were going to be useless?

We suspected that Atzemsira would be powerful, but when we first entered the room, she began taking hit after hit, and I thought she might succumb just from the attacks of Minagho’s henchmen. Thankfully, she proved to be a tough-as-nails psychopomp (not that I’ve met many to compare) and was able to evade the attacks of the mooks and keep Minagho occupied for what proved to be an epic battle between them.

Meanwhile, I was able to cast Haste again (thankfully, I had anticipated that spells of mine were going to be dispelled and had prepped duplicates of various magics), and our party was able to wipe out all but one of the Adepts and most of the other antagonists. Aqueous Orb did a beautiful job sweeping them up and dispatching them or herding them out the door. I think we should pursue the ones that fled if possible, despite our injuries, to try to capture and interrogate at least the Adept.

It was so frustrating that Minagho was able to escape (damn that innate ability to teleport!) when we were seconds away from killing her. Yes, I know our mission was to drive her out of the city, and Atzemsira had no faith that we would actually be able to kill Minagho, but we were so close to doing so! With a bit more experience and research, I think I will be able to use arcane energy to prevent her, or other would-be-teleporters from fleeing future combats, but that will have to come another day. But so many of Sosiel’s companions were killed in the battle. I hate to think that their lives were lost in vain because we could not finish off Minagho.

I am also troubled that Riva was visited in the night by a demonic voice somewhere in the region. Perhaps this is a potential ally, but most likely it is some sort of trick designed to get us to drop our guard. I will have to be especially vigilant. What if Stirkash Reksha’avu’unur, the demon Keeya and I unwittingly and stupidly freed back in Promise, finds ME and tries to twist me to his well. Back then, I swore to myself that I would kill that blasted Glabrezu someday, but the more I see of the power that demons have, the less likely I am in that youthful (mere weeks ago!) and overconfident oath! It bothers me so much that they can toy with, torture, kill, or torment humanity with such ease.

We must accrue more power, and soon!


Nice, and thanks, I’ve been dying to read these :)

The One That Got Away!

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