Last Stand of the 5th Crusade

Promised You a Miracle

Kyrk's Journal 14 (special entry)

The following is a recounting of the dream I had last night in which, through the divine power given to Eladria by the goddess Pulara, I was able to “speak” with my father whilst I slept.

And what a truly moving and precious gift it was that she gave us. The experience has stirred emotions I have resisted or buried over the past few months. Eladria urged me (well, scolded, really) to cultivate Love in my heart, and maybe that is worthwhile even given the horror that surrounds us. I expect she would argue it is exactly that horror that necessitates the cultivation of love rather than requiring it to be denied…

Nevertheless, communicating with my father and being reminded of how much I left behind has left me somewhat weepy. I will try to navigate this maelstrom of emotions.

Father! Fear not! This is no demonic intrusion, but your son Kyrk. I did not mean to startle you.

How is this possible, my son? Not that I am ungrateful, but well, this is a new experience!

By the grace of a priestess of Pulara named Eladria, I have been granted the ability to visit you while I sleep. She has given Riva, Barca, and one of our companions — a paladin of Iomedae named Locke Truestrike — this gift through four Miracles. Her power is truly awesome. Not only is she capable of this feat, but through her sheer presence, somehow she is protecting herself, her acolytes, and her estate from hordes of demons hovering nearby. For we are deep within the Wounded Lands.

So you have been touched by the divine? I shall keep it secret from everyone here

Thats hilarious, father. Fear not, I am not joining any religious organization anytime soon. Eladria castigated me for my interest in Nethys, but despite her assumption that I worship the God of Magic, I assure you that my “devotion” is still more intellectual and philosophical than religious. Mostly, anyway.

And are you…okay? We have received the news about Nelethiel.

And did you hear of my part in it? I grieve daily for her passing and for my catalytic actions (a simple Color Spray, father!) that caused the guards to use deadly force against us. I did not heed the warnings of our guides, and the prejudice of the guards against one such as me proved a fatal combination. I have learned much since then about restraint and caution. But Neleryn has left our party — perhaps he is already home?

I have not spoken with him if he is.

I feel so guilty, though I know it was not only my fault. Everything is so heightened and tense where we are and where we have been. One false move and lives are lost.

Are you and mother well? I miss both of you terribly. I miss our home…my room…my other friends. I even miss Professor Keliarr’etek at the Academy! Who would have thought!?

I shall communicate your good wishes to all who know you, even the cranky Professor! And yes, your mother and I are healthy and busy as always. And your friends are the same: dedicated to their studies and The Glorious Endeavour.

Father, each day I have been away has been packed with either the terror of possible death or the wonder of arcane discoveries made, or both. The longer I have been away, the more I am convinced of our need to protect all of Golarion from the cancer that is the Worldwound. I cannot come home yet.

So you have heard of your pardon?

Eladria shared that news with me yesterday, even as she was berating my choices and general personality.

When everyone learned the truth of what you had done and why you did it, I must admit it filled me with pride. And Keeya?

I have not seen her in a couple days, and there is no way she has heard the news. Father, I…I…, Father it is complicated. Though I have tried to make it simple, it seems circumstances would not have it be so. I never told you, but I have deep feelings for Keeya.

Oh, really?

Good to know sarcasm comes through loud and clear in a Miracle-fueled dream, Father. In any case, yes, I still have those feelings, though I have tried to deny them to focus on my tasks here: protecting my friends and growing my arcane abilities as we take on more difficult challenges and face deadlier enemies. Keeya has never shown me any romantic interest, so I guess I gave up.

You’re fighting demons of unimaginable cruelty and power, but you’re scared of sharing your feelings with a woman? That sounds about right. I don’t blame you. But you know that if you ever return home, she will not be able to join you.

Yes, yes, I know. I can’t think about that now. I have to focus on our group’s fight against the forces of chaos and evil. Perhaps I will find the courage to show some honesty to Keeya, but we have more important concerns now and for the foreseeable future. Until we are dead or we have triumphed, closing the Worldwound is what matters.

Keep your wits about you and become as skilled with magic as you can. But don’t lose sight of what grounds you. I suspect your humanity will be as important a weapon as your arcane tools.

I will try, Father.

And thank you. It is quite possible that by doing what you are, you will save ALL of our lives.

Thank you. Please give mother a hug for me and share with her all that I have told you. And if you see Neleryn or his family, please, well…I don’t know what you should say. I wish I had the words to convey what I feel. I love you all and hope someday to see you again.



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