Last Stand of the 5th Crusade

Message to Trynna

Through the power of a Miracle, I was granted the opportunity to reach out to my friend Trynna in a dream. I appeared in her room as she woke from her sleep. I spoke to her.

“Trynna, do not be alarmed. It is I , Locke. I do not have the time to explain all the details, but I am reaching out to you through the use of powerful magic. I have continued to travel with the Hermaeans deep into the Worldwound on various missions for the Crusades. I wanted to let you know, that we continue to fight the vile demons, but I am safe. However, it is my understanding that the “Heroes of Kenabres” have turned their backs on the crusades. It seems that the lust for and acquisition of power has corrupted and twisted their minds. This is troubling news, if our heroes have turned against us, what hope does the 5th Crusade have left? Morale plays an important factor in war. You should be on the lookout. We don’t know who we can truly trust. I hope to return to you soon my dear friend. Perhaps when the demons are slain, and the Worldwound cleansed of it’s taint, we can rebuild the Wolves. I have come to trust my new companions, they all have their personal demons that they struggle with, but they have proven themselves as powerful allies as well as trusted friends. I hope that I can continue to be a beacon of light in these dark times for them. I fear the corruption of the demons that now poisons the “Heroes of Kenabres” will soon be aimed at us. Lastly, be aware. Staunton Vhane ’s army will soon march to take back Drezen. We will return as quickly as possible, but you must warn the Commander. Iomedae watch over you, I shall return soon.


Really nice work. So cool imagining my character being contacted by Locke. I wonder where Trynna is right now and what adventures and trials she’s been experiencing!

Message to Trynna

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