Character Generation Guidelines

3rd Level

  • 25 Point Buy
    • Lowest stat after racial modifiers: 6
    • Highest stat after racial modifiers: 18
  • 1,500 GP (1/2 wealth by level)
  • Max hero points: 5 (starting hero points 2)

Unchained Rule sets:

  • Automatic bonus progression at +2 levels
  • Background Skills
  • Poisons and Diseases
  • Wound Threshold

2 traits (no background restrictions necessary but no Campaign traits allowed). Optional drawback to gain a 3rd trait is allowed.

All builds need to be approved by GM, including spells selected, traits and equipment. GM has the right to refuse any option that either does not function well with the story or does not meld with character concepts. Any restrictions will be in place to prevent broken options or builds from surfacing.

Banned Books:

Players Companion Line
• Agents of Evil
• Armor Masters Handbook
• Blood of Shadows
• Champions of Corruption
• Divine Anthology
• Dwarves of Golarian
• Elves of Golarian
• Faiths of Corruption
• Gnomes of Golarian
• Goblins of Golarian
• Halflings of Golarian
• Haunted Heroes Handbook
• Heroes Handbook
• Heroes of the High Court
• Horror Adventures
• Kobolds of the Golarian
• Legacy of Dragons
• Magic Tactics Toolbox
• Mythic Origins
• Occult Adventures
• Occult Origins
• Orcs of Golarian
• Paths of Righteous
• Pirates of the Inner Sea
• Psychic Anthology
• Qadira, Gateway to the East
• Spymaster’s Handbook

Campaign Settings Line
• Cities of Golarian
• Classic Horrors Revisited
• Classic Monsters Revisited
• Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh
• Darklands Revisited
• Dungeons Denizens Revisited
• Dungeons of Golarian
• Faction Guide
• Guide to Darkmoon Vale
• Heaven Unleashed
• Horror Realms
• Inner Sea Faiths
• Inner Sea Intrigue
• Inner Sea Temples
• Into the Darklands
• Lands of Conflict
• Lost Treasures
• Mythic Realms
• Mythic Monsters Revisited
• Occult Bestiary
• Occult Mysteries
• Occult Realms
• Plans of Power
• Qadira, Jewel of the East
• Rival Guide
• Seeker of Secrets
• Ships of the Inner Sea
• Technology Guide
• The First World, Realm of the Fey
• The Great Beyond
• Tombs of Golarian

All Modules

All Adventures Paths except Wrath of the Righteous.

Character Generation Guidelines

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