Character Generation Guidelines

3rd Level

  • 25 Point Buy
    • Lowest stat after racial modifiers: 6
    • Highest stat after racial modifiers: 18
  • 1,500 GP (1/2 wealth by level)
  • Max hero points: 5 (starting hero points 2)

Unchained Rule sets:

  • Automatic bonus progression at +2 levels
  • Background Skills
  • Poisons and Diseases
  • Wound Threshold

2 traits (no background restrictions necessary but no Campaign traits allowed). Optional drawback to gain a 3rd trait is allowed.

All books are open as long as the options selected do not go against the spirit of your build (no min/maxing)

All builds need to be approved by GM, including spells selected, traits and equipment. GM has the right to refuse any option that either does not function well with the story or does not meld with character concepts. Any restrictions will be in place to prevent broken options or builds from surfacing.

Character Generation Guidelines

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