Riva Tallix

Varisian oracle and spirit channeler


Riva is a 26 year old human. From her Chelaxian father, she inherited her pale complexion; from her Varisian mother, piercing ice-blue eyes and golden blonde hair, though Riva already has more than a few strands of grey. She is arrestingly beautiful. She often dresses conservatively to avoid unwanted attention, favoring dark and flowing robes.

She is profoundly deaf, having abruptly lost her hearing at age 12. She can speak clearly and persuasively and is an excellent lip reader, but more often she prefers to remains quiet.

There is something slightly unnerving about her beauty and presence — an unplaceable otherworldliness of sorts, a sense of distance in her words, a coldness to her touch.


Riva is a second-generation Hermean: both of her parents were born on Avistan and recruited into the Glorious Endeavor, for which their pairing was encouraged.

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Riva Tallix

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