Neleryn Amakiir (Missing)

Elven Hex-Magus


Neleryn Amakiir , with his twin sister Nelethiel, was born in Promise on the island of Hermea. HIs father, Illuthyrn Amakiir is a well versed wizard as well as one of the thirteen members of the Council of Enlightnement in Promise. His mother, Farathiel Amakiir, now a jeweler in her spare time, was once a formiddable swordswoman. Before moving with her husband and settling down in Hermea, she had some minor fame for being a dueling champion in some small tournaments.

Somewhere in Farathiel’s bloodline, a curse lay dormant that would later emerge in Neleryn and Nelethiel. It is speculated that this curse was acquired during an encounter with some witches from the lands of Irrisen.

Both Neleryn and Nelethiel have always felt different from the other chiildren on Hermea (besides the being Elvish on an island of mostly humans). Those who come across the twins have always felt uncomfortable after spending some time around them, more so when they happen to catch their gaze. Naturally, people tend to distance themselves from the twins.

Both Neleryn and the Nelethiel try to keep their Hex abilities from being public knowledge as superstitiously fearful people can be dangerous.

Alongside his studies at the Promise Academy of the Arcane Arts, Neleryn has spent many years serving his father’s as well as the Council of Enlightenment’s needs. Although Mengkare himself has no fear of the Worldwound expanding, Illuthryn feels that the forces of the Abyss is something that Hermea should be concerned with. Illuthryn has decided to send Neleryn to serve Irabeth Tirabade’s forces in the hopes that Neleryn can research the Wardstones; find out their powers, strengths, weaknesses, how to construct such an artifact in case Hermea should ever need them.

Neleryn Amakiir (Missing)

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