Horgus Gwerm

Male human aristocrat


11 Arodus 4713

Presumed missing for three days as told by a raving Aron Kir. Aron stated unconvincingly that he looked for the past two days with few lead and suspects Horgus’ own guardsmen are partially responsible for disappearance. Aron believes he is being held by the mongrels and is hoping to speak with the “Rat King” to find out more information.


A danger-filled youth instilled in Horgus Gwerm the desperate desire to live a safe life. He long ago vowed that lack of money would not be the determining factor in his death, and is fanatically devoted to accumulating wealth so he can purchase more bodyguards and higher fortifications around his manor house.

The Gwerm family is heavily involved in mercantile trade and owns a substantial portion of the Truestone Quarry. In recent months, it was uncovered that Horgus had been making substantial contributions to the efforts to defend against the demonic presence. It is unknown why these contributions were kept anonymous, but in a trial claiming Horgus Gwerm was secretly supplying the enemy, his philanthropic donations were brought to light.

Hogus was exonerated of all charged. The original charges were raised by Anevia Tirabade.

Horgus Gwerm

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