Aron Kir

Male human rogue/low templar


11 Arodus 4713

Encounter with PC’s. Aron was in a panic trying to find Horgus Gwerm, a noble that Aron believes to be missing/kidnapped. The PC agreed to help Aron, but began to question his motives outside a derelict building that has access to the underground of Kenabres. After poorly pleading his case, Aron attempted to proceed without assistance.

Riva Tallix convinced Aron to pause and that the party would help him after preparing the appropriate illumination for the situation, but used this ploy to attempt to subdue Aron in hopes to protect him from this harsh and unwise course of action. Aron fought and eventually fled the scene weaponless and invisible.


Haggard and beleaguered, Aron Kir has the look of a man haunted by his own weaknesses and worn down by the loss of too many friends.

Aron Kir

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