Last Stand of the 5th Crusade

The Defense of Defender's Heart

Kyrk's Journal 6

The appearance of traitorous Faxon. Then, his humiliation as Minagho appears with a squad of charmed crusaders and mercenaries. An epic battle between us an all the underlings with civilian casualties and the death, sadly, of the brave Lokura. Then another conflict as Minagho, herself, entered the fray! And, finally, the intervention of the demon lord Baphomet which saved us from certain death at the claws of Minagho! I can still feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins and the arcane energies of Nethys pulsing throughout my very soul.

And, at last, do I feel like I rose to the necessity of the moment on the battlefield. The fight was terrifying at times, and yet I kept my composure, selected the spells and scrolls most likely to be effective at the moment (save my poor, practically useless Aqueous Orb — who knew those blasted creatures could safely Airwalk out of the way?!), and never once lost my focus on aiding my allies. I wish I could have saved some of the townsfolk who bravely resisted the invading demons, but, sadly, I had to prioritize offense over defense — action vs. reaction. I lost track of how much arcane energy I expended or consumed — 20 spells? 25? It will take days to replenish my inventory. But such a glorious feeling! This is what I was meant to do, and I am thankful for the lessons I absorbed and put to good use, and thankful that my allies could protect me in the process.

And what a difference a day made in terms of Riva! She was like a different person today — generous with her healing magic and much more social. I did have a somewhat tense conversation with her about the things which seem to plague her. I hope I didn’t greatly offend her when I told her straight out that her “affliction” meant I would have to be on alert for the presence or influence of demons. It did seem to bother her, but it had to be said, and I’m glad I did. I hope her will will be strong enough to resist that which visits her each day, apparently. And, for all our sakes, I hope she is stronger in the future when confronted by a threat like that succubus! Riva could have killed Barca, or any of us, if we hadn’t taken such aggressive action to put her down. She is a fearsome archer, as the lingering discomfort in my torso from her arrow can attest. Thankfully, I had Shocking Grasp and the oversize grasp of Barca to neutralize her in the moment. I hope that I will be able to resist any such threat, as I shudder to think how I could harm my friends if I had been affected like Riva.

Both Barca and Locke continue to amaze me with their martial prowess. I hope Riva and I can continue to keep them safe and multiply their effectiveness in battle.

What an experience it was to hear the peals of thunder and see the skies darken as Baphomet made his presence known. For the Heroes of Kenebres to have destroyed the broken wardstone in time for it to enrage Baphomet and punish Minagho for it, was truly a miraculous occurrence. It appears as though her powers have been greatly reduced, and that an expedition to finish her off before they return, is the best course of action to take according to the Riftwardens and town elders.

We have not yet been told how we will travel or how long the journey to her stronghold, but with the wardstone down, I am sure it will be perilous. We have eight days to prepare, and I plan to use each one searching for new spells to add to my spell book and scribing a spell a day. I am hoping to find, at a minimum, Fly and See Invisibility. I don’t have much gold, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of our allies from the Defender’s Heart battle (there was an arcane caster there, though I haven’t gotten his name yet) will be willing to share spell books so that I don’t have to buy them outright. Failing that, perhaps Irabeth will be able to direct me to a seller of magic.

And if I can find nothing new, I will work with what I have and get both Riva and I ready for the journey and foes we face in but over a week’s time. Hopefully, I will find a quiet place to think and scribe. And no more demons, please, while I work — hah!


Pffb. Presence of demons causing Riva’s “affliction”? She could only be so lucky!

Great writeup! I’d forgotten a good bit of this. Amazing how long two weeks can feel.

The Defense of Defender's Heart

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