Last Stand of the 5th Crusade

The Battle of Defender's Heart

Locke's Journal

We managed to traverse across the city to Defender’s Heart. Funny to think that just a few weeks ago I was babysitting Trynna and the some of the Wolves while they sat here and finished ALL of the ale. Now, it is a keep worthy of it’s name.

It was good to see the Queen as well as Commander Irabeth are still standing strong. The Queen gave several rousing speeches that helped keep the morale of the men strong. We will need all the morale we can get in these dark times. We have to stay strong.

THe Heroe’s of Kenabres departed on what seemed a very important task assigned to them. The Queen and the Commander have put a lot of faith in these individuals. I pray to Iomedae to guide them on the right path to save this City.

I was downstairs helping tend to the sick when I was suddenly summoned by the Queen. When I got upstairs, there was a familiar face being apprehended by the guards. Faxon had sought me out to deliver a grave message. Minagho was on her way to take down Defender’s Heart. Faxon begged and pleaded with me to save him from being cast back out into the city where Minagho would come for him. I wish I could have saved him. The Queen ordered that he be released but not let inside Defender’s Heart. If only he hadn’t charmed me to try to manipulate me, maybe I could have spoken to the Queen on his behalf.

Minagho, with a small army of demons and corrupted men, marched on Defender’s Keep. We did our best to defend it but we were overwhelmed by the demons. Many men and citizens were slaughtered, but the Queen held strong. THe few of us left managed to keep the lesser demons at bay while the Queen battled Minagho. Things were looking grim, but then something completely unexpected happened. Baphomet appeared before us and struck Minagho in rage. He said that Minagho had “failed him for the last time”. Lucky for us, a wounded Minagho retreated but she will still have to be dealt with. Perhaps the Heroes of Kenabres succeeded in their mission. And just in time too!


Babysitting Trynna! I love it… nice work

The Battle of Defender's Heart

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